A Beginners guide to increasing your chances of being found by Google

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What is SEO?

SEO means Search Engine Optimisation. It’s a way to improve your chances of been found by search engines and in time, increase your page views.

Why should I care?

Search engines can easily be a prime method of traffic to your blog if your blog is SEO friendly. Not only that, but it’s a top source for targeted traffic.

Targeted Traffic -> More Interest In Your Content -> More Engaged Audience -> More Opportunities To Earn Revenue

Got it, now what should I do?

Step 1

Decide on your Keywords. To do this, think of a few keywords that your blog post is about. Essentially words or phrases that would sum up your blog post. Try to avoid one word phrases if you can as these aren’t nearly as helpful.

Step 2

Test out your keywords. Two easy ways include Google Search and the Google AdWords Keyword Tool.

If using Google Search:
Search with your exact keyword phrase in quotations.
Example – “How to make blog posts more SEO friendly”
The number of results can help you decide if you should pursue the keyword. The higher the result number, the more competition there is for the keyword. The lower the result number, the less competition there is for the keyword and the better chance you have at scoring a Top Rank for that keyword.

If using Google AdWords Keyword Tool:
Search with your exact keyword phrase in the word or phrase section. The generated result will show two things: The amount of competition for a specific keyword phrase + How often the keyword phrase is searched for.

Step 3

Apply the keywords you’ve decided to use. Once you know what keywords you’re going to use, they need to be repeated throughout your blog post to be effective. To do this, input your keywords in as many of the following places as possible-

  • Your Post Title
  • The URL Of Your Post
  • Outbound Links
  • Bold Tags
  • Image Tags Within Your Post
  • The First Few Sentences Of Your Post

How do I add the keywords tactfully?

Keywords should fit naturally into your writing and should not be forced.
While using keywords in the locations mentioned above is beneficial when it comes to SEO, overusing them takes away from the original point. Do not let it take away from your organic content as SEO becomes useless if no one wants to read what your writing.