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How to prepare photos for your website

If I was to tell you that 40% of users will abandon a website that take more than 3 seconds to load and that Google has confirmed that site loading speed is a ranking factor – what would you do to speed up your site? Do you know what is slowing it down? It’s clear...

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How to Claim your ‘Google My Business’ Page

Most business owners are going crazy over Google search rankings, incorporating different SEO tactics to get noticed in search engines. But SEO is made up of multiple puzzle pieces all working together to help your site develop a strong organic presence. One of these...

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How and why you should start measuring your website traffic

How’s your website performing? It’s unbelievable just how many businesses can’t answer this simple question. That’s because many don’t bother to measure. Why do I need to measure? Without measurement, everything becomes a guessing game. You don’t know how well or...

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