Good Logo Design

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We humans always judge everything with sight when we first encounter it. In the marketing sense, this means the logo or emblem of a company.

The logo needs to be catchy and head turning. It should not only be flashy but should also mean something and be related to the company. The logo also needs to be timeless. Logo design is something that multinational corporations spend thousands and thousands of pounds.

Most designers say that the designing isn’t actually all that difficult.

It initially starts at home or office. The essential tool in this stage is observation. Looking around at various household objects lying around often lend a valuable insight and give way to great ideas. Logo designs on other things such as bags, watches, speakers phones, etc. These different logos lets the person mix and match which opens a lot of new windows.

Logo designs can also be browsed at the local supermarket. A plethora of different logos is ever-present giving the designer a whole new list of possibilities. Once the designer has decided the type of logo design he/she wants the first step is over. A very important point here is that the designer should never be so influenced by the other designs that he/she ends up making an exact replica. This has legal consequences.

For small business firms, the clip art packs available online are also a very good idea. The clip art must always be slightly edited and added with a typeface which shows the name of the company.

Here are few tips for the first logo design:

  • Always remember to keep it simple. The logo is something that needs to appeal and also be simple. The complexity often bores out the potential customer and they move on. The Samsung and Apple logo are some of the best examples of simple logos out there.
  • Typeface is also something very important and should always relate to the company. For instance, a skateboarding shop would always like to go for something funky and cool. A law firm would like something more consistent and bold.
  • Vector designs is a software type which should always be used for designing. This software lets the designer increase and decreases the resolution of the without losing out on clarity.
    Colours are the most important thing when it comes to designing a logo. Colours come in all types warm, cool, bright and dull. Depending on the logo style and company it’s being made for, the colours differ. A healthy balance should always be maintained. Too many bright colours should never be used as it screams for attention but never gets any. If the colours are too dull the logo never stands out and loses itself in the background.

Overall the logo should always be well balanced and innovative. The ideas should be original and at the most inspired but never copied or ripped off. The legal consequences are very harmful to a developing company and sometimes even for a fully developed organisation.