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Professional Website Design

Your Website Built by an Expert Web Designer

We’ll design a modern & responsive website for your business

Web Design

Your game plan should start with a professional website. There’s no sense marketing an outdated site, right? Drive more traffic to your website with a modern & responsive design using the latest web design trends including landing pages, quality content, testimonials & a precise call to action.

Managed Hosting

Managed WordPress Hosting services include your very own webmaster for ongoing website maintenance for tasks such as software updates, adding new content, website repairs, daily remote backups, free website migration, hack free guarantee & a lifetime money back guarantee.

Digital Marketing

Increase targeted traffic to your website and convert leads into customers. Let us handle all aspects of your digital marketing needs or pick and choose the services you require including Local SEO, Social Media Marketing, Google Adwords, Content Marketing and more.

What happens when I want a website?

We have built up our experience in building WordPress websites, here are some of the things you can expect us to look at.


Custom Build

We can use templates, and sometime we do, but we much prefer to listen to you, let's be different.

Your logo, your brand

A little change can make a big difference! Send us your logo file and end up with a site that’s unlike anyone elses.

Plugins are the backbone

Based on our experience and customers’ needs, we install a recommended set of 8 essential WordPress plugins.

Integrations - make it work

We are specialised in 3rd-party integrations like Google Analytics, email opt-in form, social media etc.

What if I already have a website?

Congratulations, you are already online. We can still help you.

Inexpensive hosting

We understand that not everyone gets a good deal on hosting, let's talk and see what we can do.


Our monthly maintenance plans give you all the core updates and security scans to keep you online.

Content updates

Send it to us, we can make changes to your site and to make life easier for you.

I'm confused!

There are many ways we can help you feel in control of your website. Give us a task, we give you a solution.

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